"put your mind on hold, and let your world unfold" ... Bernadette Davies

Agape Holistic Retreat


Sound/ Frequency/Crystal Healing, with Soul Journey Counselling highly recommended!
When I attended my session with Bernadette I wasn't sure what to expect.
Bernadette was very warm and welcoming, kind and open. 
She patiently explained every step and answered all of my questions.

My session included Sound/ Frequency/Crystal Healing, with Soul Journey Counselling.
As the session progressed I was filled with a calm sense of peace and contentment. 
At one point I felt a pressure on my stomach area and asked if Bernadette were touching me. She was, in fact, still sitting several feet from me. The pressure moved across my stomach to a spot right over where I had recently had some surgery. This happened once again on the other side above where there had been some damage. The feeling seemed to go down into my body and become warm.
I wasn't at all expecting this and was slightly taken aback although not fearful.
Near the conclusion of the session I was filled with questions and Bernadette patiently guided me through the answers and focus on some blockages.
This experience was beyond what I could have hoped for.
Not only did I come away with a renewed understanding of myself and Path but I came home with some concrete steps to utilize in moving forward.
I would highly recommend anyone gift themselves with this transformational experience.

C. Robinson Canada July 2017

Soul Coaching together with Bernadette is quite the experience!

Suffering from anxiety and body issues I needed to find my way back to me again, being referred to by a friend, it was more then time to take action. To bettering my mind, body and soul and with the techniques and tools Bernadette has given and shown me. I have been able to find myself again, well more of an even better me.

  I have been able to react differently and better deal with certain situations. To have a more positive outlook and nail my issues with my body in the butt. She goes through with you every step you need to, talks and walks you through everything she is or is about to do. She really lets you guide her, lets you choose the best option for you, while making it an entirely comfortable space.

 I actually look forward to going each week, being around her comforting energy. She takes the time to listen without judgment and frees you of any stress or worry that's bothering you. With many thanks and love 

 Lauren B- Canada~April 2016. 

Bernadette  I am very happy to let you know that I am doing great since I am off of Warfarin, blood thinner medication.! 

I found you on FaceBook, Booked an appointment and met you in Phillipsberg sxm right on the beach! I had severe Deep Thrombosis in my legs and pain daily. Unable walk, wanting to loose weight and be well again.  We chatted  for about an 45 minutes, first getting to understand me and my life. You treated me with sound/frequency for my conditions on the beach of St Maarten. I loved it. It was a very organic and natural experience. I am grateful we met. I wanted to get off of this Warfarin for 4 years before we met. With your encouragement and guidance I choose to drink liquid smoothies for the first weeks filling myself with micronutrients and greens. You provided me new choices of smoothies and kept in touch.  Bernadette you encouraged my health would improve.

 I am now loosing weight and I am still enjoying fresh liquid smoothie drinks every day! Thank you for helping me to get where I am. I continue to do what is best for myself .The difference now, is I am just taking more care of myself and then others after.  I now go to the beach everyday and swim for about 2 hours. A big change from not being able to walk or stand. I took my life back! Thank you Bernadette Davies for your energy therapy and soul coaching.

Anne~Marie O  -Saint-Vincent-And-The-Grenadines~ April 2016.

"Our daughter was treated for depression and anxiety for over nine years by several psychiatrists, but the treatments were having very limited success.... 

Her condition continued to deteriorate as a result, she was not able to study at university, and was suffering day and night with debilitating symptoms. Being often very unhappy and recently quite desperate, she decided to stop using prescription drugs and consequently her condition worsened. Then her friend referred her to see Bernadette. 

After receiving three spiritual treatments her health has improved significantly. It was nothing less than a miracle. She has started recovering from the paralyzing disease within days. She has started eating, sleeping, smiling like a healthy young woman. 

Bernadette explained to us how the treatment works and it was very convincing for us. She has great insight into the ways the mind and body work. She works with energy and uses the energy of the patient to do the healing without the use of any drugs. It is quite obvious that Bernadette has a unique gift of understanding human psyche, which she uses to facilitate changes of the perception of the disease in the mind of a client. Then she channels energy in the brain to regions where the patient is able to use it in more constructive ways, like positive thinking. 

My daughter and our family are very fortunate that we met Bernadette. Our whole family feels like we have her back, as a happy, healthy, functional young woman and we can’t possibly thank her enough.  

Bernadette, we love you!"

 Art - Dundas, Ontario, Canada- March 2016.

Im so happy and grateful for all of the valuable guidance and love I've received from you Bernadette Davies".

 I am happy for all of the knowledge I continue to perceive through you. Everything that you've taught me is finally starting to set in (in divine timing like you always remind me). Everyday I connect new dots in my awareness, and come to new realisations. I am able to connect them quicker now, as i've strengthened myself so much through working with you Bernadette!

 I'm also SO grateful that you allow me to withdraw and still selflessly hold space for me without judgment, whilst i am recharging in my secret cave.  I acclimatized back into my world here in the Uk. You still welcome me with loving open arms when I'm ready to face everybody again". 

Snita Sood., Uk ( private eight-day retreat) Nov 2015.

"Probably what I enjoyed the most was the tickling of my chakras".

The villa we stayed in was very nice. I had no expectations and decided to Surrender! And so I did!  it was a good retreat... oh and the massage! That was really good!

Love and Light
Guy- world traveller Jan 2016.

"We want to pass on a big thanks for all the time, energy and the effort that you spent in order to make our stay and life changing sessions so meaningful". The hospitality was second to none, not to mention the delicious smoothies you helped us to create. 

The sessions you designed were created and designed specifically for both of us, were well thought out and well prepared.

The continued effort on your part to connect with us and be a valued resource for life's continued challenges and choices was much appreciated. Going to special places on the island that has so much beauty and meaning was breath taking.

Lastly, your efforts to help us throughout the week was priceless. Both Carolyn and I would highly endorse your work and recommend to anyone to take your courses in sound, soul coaching- counselling and otherwise, that we perhaps did not have sufficient time to experience it all. 

Please do not hesitate to call or ask if you wish to have an endorsement"

Jim, Carolyn Jantzi, Canada ( private 7 day retreat-couple retreat ) 

"Wonderful retreat with Agape Holistic Retreat"

I'm rested and restored. Thank you Bernadette. I look forward to doing it again in 2016." Lisa Barnett, author, owner of Akashic Records, teacher of the Akashic Realm, and Agape Retreat Facilitator June 2015.

Working with Bernadette Davies of Agape Holistic Retreat allowed me to share the ancient techniques of wisdom of Ayurveda... 

The participants' questions kept the classes lively and interactive. I fully support and recommend retreating with Bernadette at her location in st. Martin as I believe her warm heart and innate wisdom to be a cohesive force for bringing people together for the greater good of all." 
Karen Whynott, Chopra Centre for Wellbeing Educator and Agape Facilitator, April 2015.

"Enjoyed sharing pranayam and meditation this morning with beautiful Bernadette Davies and her lovely group in St. Martin at Agape Holistic Retreat"

We have another session in a few hours on ways to enhance Ojas." 

Karen Whynott, Chopra Centre For Wellbeing Educator at White Point and Agape Facilitator June 2015.

Hi  Bernadette!!! First of all, that was a beautiful video you created with me in it!  I really enjoyed it and it brought back the beautiful memories of the magical summer Agape Retreat in St. Maartin last year. 

 I did make some changes in my life and I still use most of all the practices that I learned at that retreat. My favorite part was the Emissary wheel. I actually bought a giant frame because I plan on digitally painting an emissary wheel on it and hanging it in my room.

The week I came back from the retreat I finally put in my two weeks notice at the job I was miserable at for almost 9 years. Although I have half the paycheck I used to have because I "only" work one job I am a lot less stressed and I don't have so much passive aggression anymore. I have made "space" now for potential.

OOH... By the way, the week I came back to the states I went in for a doctor's check up for my foot as I came hobbling into the airport and villa. I had the outer scab removed and lo and behold the new skin underneath was so perfect you couldn't even tell I had a second degree burn and melted skin. I'm suspecting the sound/vibration healing was a major cause for my healing. Thank you for that! 

 I have adopted your phrase "How can life get any better." It's a good spirit lift. 
 Vanessa B- from TEXAS, U S A 
Doing great!!! 
I started a raw diet on first of May. I am loosing a lot of weight, but it seems that I am not eating enough so from tomorrow I am going to be doubling the portions.  I can't believe how good I feel.

I am going to the ACA meetings every week (ACA is the Al-Anon chapter for adults that grow up with an alcoholic parent) and getting ready to start working the steps.
This two are the main changes I made from the Agape Holistic Retreat, but I learned so much!!! 

Thank you all for sharing your knowledge, love and experiences with me Bernadette and Team of facilitators.
O.M- April 2015, 
 Local Islander, Agape Holistic Retreat participant

Attending Agape Holistic Retreat was one of the best experiences of my life

I learned so much. It was a great fun!! 

Thank you for you and your team effort in bringing that experience into my life.

  Lots of love,

 Ridhi - Agape Holistic Retreat participant. April 2015

"Sat Nam Bernadette! 

 You're a special lady and I'm full of gratitude for the opportunities that our "rencontre" has offered. Wishing you all very well,
With love, light & gratitude, 
- Ashley" Kundalini Yoga specialist

Thank you Bernadette Davies! Its a pleasure to work together with your talented and Passionate team, together we are dedicated to make structured water available for every man women and child on this planet.

Clayton Nolte- 

creator of Natural Action Technologies

(Used in retreat at Agape)