"put your mind on hold, and let your world unfold" ... Bernadette Davies

Agape Holistic Retreat



The "Digital Diva" ~ Caren Glasser interviews
Agape Holistic Retreat to understand what happens in Retreat?

We are so happy to have DESTINATION magazine 2016 feature Agape Holistic Retreat in Health and Beauty section! Found on island and in all international Airports and planes to the tropics and beyond.

(Page 149)


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 Houston Chronicle writes; 
"Beyond the Two-Week Vacation- Living Abroad"- Blog review of Agape Holistic Retreat
and the founder Bernadette Davies

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Thank you for joining us for the 15th Annual World Sound Healing Day on FEBRUARY 14TH 2017. 

Agape Holistic Retreat participated in its 4th annual World Sound Healing Public Event

We gathered on Facebook..Live on Bernadette Davies Facebook page

and listened to 10 mins of the sound of Ah and the remaining time was a guided meditation taking in our OJAS THE ELEMENTS into our light bodies.

Thanks for creating a vortex of LOVE and co-creating this love globally for all of us!