"put your mind on hold, and let your world unfold" ... Bernadette Davies

Agape Holistic Retreat


Peel away for a LONG WEEKEND suggested arrival Wednesday's Departure Sunday's .

  Meet us on island Paradise Wednesday or come a day or two earlier to settle in advance? to find and experience three things:

1. Your Worthiness

2. Your Deserving-ness

3. Your Oneness and self allowance of deep meaningful Spiritual Peace in your life.

We discover this on an incredibly peaceful property in The tropics. You will be amazed at its beauty! You will hear and feel the Caribbean wind, the smell of the beach air and the warmth of the sun on your body.

 You will enjoy meditation, movement ( yoga or pilates), Breath focus, chakra and sound  body alignment, Sacred geometry applied, a quieting of your body while you allow your body to naturally heal and unwind that which is not in your highest or best good.  and Truly Feel how You feel in PEACE. We will enjoy Tones as a mantra, Sacred space, we will enjoy sitting in circle around sacred Geometry grid with Sat Sang in the evening to candle light. 

Will you join us?

You are to be perched right above the water in this villa with a stellar view of our surroundings. We will be experiencing how water calms our bodies naturally, how water feels as we swim in the Caribbean sea, and learn we are comprised of water as we use Moore tree Mud to extract our inflammation and add vital minerals back into our body with Fulvic Acid and Humic Acid within the mud.  This is 10000 years of tree knowledge~ married with Water of 10000 years from the Caribbean mineral rich sea. We will use techniques that deeply relax your mind body spirit connections, We will eat healthy raw and warm food that tastes good! We will take away thoughts that no longer serve us and fill up ourselves with new tools and beliefs that assist us to Thrive not merely Survive.

A Long weekend away is in order Men and Women alike!

Secure your flight, tell us when you will be arriving?

Cost - $2333 us dollars. (You purchase/arrange your flight let us know when you arrive asap)

 Please consider arriving Wednesday to begin your retreat. If you choose to come early please contact me for a daily rate in advance. If you arrive  in advance of your retreat, you will settle into the same room you will have for the duration. Our facilitators are on site in advance of the retreat at the same location. Your time can be filled with many places to see, shopping in town, seeing the heights of the island in Pic Paradise and maybe you will choose a lunch, treetop at a ecospace close by and enjoy their swimming pool oasis with ponds, flora and fauna. Its beautiful !.. We can suggest for you many places to enjoy visiting, and we can assist you with who to hire to take you safely around the island. There is a few sailing 1/2 day trips we recommend with lunch on board, one has the option for you to trapeze swing into the sea. lots of fun to be enjoyed as a tourist, if you do come in advance to deeply unwind for the retreat to follow. ITs all up to you..maybe you wish to read and stay pool side on site, or walk the beach below or space, and/or snorkel the day away with the tropical zebra fish before we begin on Thursday morning?

Included- all inclusive of amazing accommodation & private bathroom and excursions,. Meals all included

(except lunch on Thursday Friday and Saturday). We grab on the go, you choose your foods and smoothies very near by approx cost $20-30 dollars. We grab cabs together and share the cost with other attendees. Usually a minimal amount under $10 dollars pp for excursion taxi 3 per cab.

 Each day we take a excursion on island to experience the surroundings ;

Thursday we  find a special location to enjoy our afternoon meditation together. This space is surreal and very beautiful island paradise spot! We work with Sacred Geometry creating a 12 pointed star, sing peace prayers and have the opportunity to walk into the centre and feel the Energy created with OUR Divine soul guidance! bring items for this experience you wish to have join our, we clean and cleanse all the items and you will find them uniquely charged with wonderful energy upon your return home! 

Friday to experience a Hike through the water to feel it on our legs and get in touch with our systems in our bodies. We will enjoy Toning together with our voices and send our energy out to the TREES, WATER, SOIL, AIR, 4 Legged, Finned, Furred, 2 legged Peoples, all of creation on this planet and beyond to the 22 galaxies Diamond Heart. Sending our Soul Sound and names out to be heard and seen. 

Saturday to experience the warm Caribbean waters, either with your feet in the ocean and to walk the shoreline or to snorkel and see the fish in the ocean! WE will be enjoying a Mud Spa treatment with the Ocean waters today. We will review the spiritual experiences felt and share what we have seen and felt with each others journey together.

~Pool use and lounge chairs, common room and kitchen- always open for beverages throughout the day! 

~We  experience Deep Tissue Massage for one of our days in a spa near by.

Sunday we wrap up our time together by 10:30 am and get ready to head to the airports after a refreshing healthy breakfast and maybe a swim in the pool before we head out back home. We keep our destination private for you and our guests. Inquire via email please [email protected]

Send  $2333/pp through Paypal to paypal.me/BernadetteDavies Us dollars

this will SECURE your spot in our small 10 person retreat.

Please register by filling out information below which will notify us.

We will send you the confirmation through Paypal right away, to notify you that your information has been received at our office. 

We contact you directly for your flight details via free visual internet meeting. We will provide the address of our secure private space we are staying at on island at this point. We keep it confidential prior and after for all guests. 

We will join  a zoom or Skype chat to meet face to face via internet within a week of booking please. Prior to our retreat we hop on a Retreat call with all participants via Zoom app. Details to follow registration. We are are successfully running retreats for 4 years in the Caribbean and around the globe for group retreats and private retreats. Please see our Testimonial page.

We honor that you have chosen Agape Holistic Retreat for your deep relaxing get away, and we look forward to relaxing together! more information will come once we hear from you.

Also as a bonus by registering Today...see below, This gift will come down soon. Please provide a contact phone number to reach you and schedule our time in advance of our retreat schedule for your Bonus.

Bonus add on by booking now ***Each participant will have a full private session with our host to align attune and atone your physical body with sound. 1 hour in length arranged directly with Bernadette our host. Value 333 dollars. Guided intuitive Soul counseling with Bernadette. ( this is a 333 us dollar value)

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Private retreat for you or your couple or group? 

Breaking for private retreats one on one during the year. Bernadette and YOU for a Retreat, please enquire.

Corporate Holistic Retreats

Our beautiful location is also available for private and corporate holistic retreats throughout the year.

Please contact us for more information at [email protected]

Scheduled Group retreats:  we experience all sacred sound/energy, Sacred Geometry, chanting and alignment, food and water practices. Sat Sang gathering within all retreats.

September 2018

October 2018

November 2018

January- August 2019   

REACH US FASTEST THROUGH our [email protected] address!          


Why join Agape Holistic Retreat ?

we gather monthly for a Group Retreat in the Blissful Caribbean Tropics of St Martin and other tropical island locations and united states.

 We join as a Global Group of Vacationing souls who are wishing for Expansion, Deep Relaxation and To feel and be more Love for ourselves and the Globe.

 Come and be supported by each of member in retreat! All our activities and experiences are focused on deep relaxation with a mind body spirit connection. 

          Agape Holistic Retreats are Transformational.


                                                                           Expand to:

  • Reconnect with a greater sense of meaning and purpose
  • Stay younger and more passionate about your life focus on increasing your DNA, being open to shifting BELIEFS that no longer serve you.
  • Improve your health and vitality
  • Reconnect with your creativity and the dreams you came here to manifest
  • Develop loving & fulfilling personal relationships & build a deeper sense of community
  • Explore Second & Third Careers and Un-retirement
  • Develop a stronger sense of self-love so you can share your best self with the globe
  • Be more resilient in navigating yourself in this rapidly changing world
  • Improve your diet and nutrition, brain coherence and ENERGY along with much more
  • Leave a legacy of genuine hope and value to those you love 
  • Attune, Atone and Align yourself to a higher level of PERSONAL energy!