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Raising beyond our perceptions

Posted on 10 March, 2017 at 10:00 Comments comments (1)

I am about to begin a Munay Ki teacher training course, and it has brought up the FEELINGs about how incredible it is to VALUE sacred rites and passages. We have belief systems in place each of us.

Have you reviewed your belief systems? Its a very valuable thing to do and write in a journal about.

How do you feel about Religion? The current Economic state? Relationships? Values? Virtues? Ethics? What are yours. Pin Point where you are and then after doing so, you may find yourself with the ability to step back and view your current state as it relates to your beliefs.

Do you want to make some change on any of your beliefs? Its up to you. You may! Change is a free option at any moment of your life! I value change. I see change. I embrace change. In doing this excercize I can see room for change. I can see when I am headstrong about a belief and I wonder to myself and in my writtings. What would it take to change that belief? am I willing. I say YES..then watch what unfolds in YOUR LIFE.

Perceptions and beliefs are the same. Change either and then watch something to match the new state unfolds in front of your eyes..How does it get any better than this?

Bernadette Davies

Shine on global friends! 


Simple as can be!

Posted on 23 August, 2016 at 19:10 Comments comments (2)

Hello Friends, its nearing Fall here in North America and Its time to reflect on the summer for me. I have hung back in North America since January enjoying growth and anticipating a beauty to be born in september. My first grand daughter!

Upon this reflection its clear that while live does come in suprises...for me its always a matter of how I manage those unforseen events in my life. Regardless if perceived to be welcomed or not. In this case I speak of a welcome suprise however its changed my daily life greatly.. so what about that?

How do I decide what choice I will make. Stay overseas or return to Canada to be by my beloved? What do I do? Probably like most other humans..I Take stock. Go deep inside to what I truly want? What I do not wish? and What I am happy for. About everything I make decisions over? Yes! Whatever is then felt (with the HEART) is what is right even in the outside worlds knowing better for me, or not. What I mean is it truly only matters how I feel about my choices.

That is where I am lead to SIMPLE.. the simpler I create my world the better it flows even when it might shake up some feathers.. or plans or take the green smoothie right from my hand.. so to speak. This allowing my heart to speak takes the place of all else and always is right.

I would not miss a moment of my grand daughter coming into the world. It takes the choice to move in that direction. Simple.. YUp simple is good.

Also living without regrets even if it means I miss the salt water sea for my morning routine and evening. Its still there and that too will be present when tht tie is right. Right now I am quite prepared for a new fresh little set of toes to rub and a back to soothe and a song to sing to this baby on the way. Two weeks away and I am simply satified with life and its miracles.

Thank you for reading my share.. Blessings to all :D.

Bernadette Davies

Shine on readers! keep it simple?

While FEEL vs DO?

Posted on 12 July, 2016 at 14:00 Comments comments (0)

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A reminder today that I feel and know is my truth.


When you are raised to believe hurt= retaliate as most of the world has been sort of in a default. Suppose that someone is hurting you and you react- When you react what I know is that you have removed yourself or retaliated in equal to what you received. You want to yell, hit or scream back...This is the less connected you if you choose this reaction.


My suggestion is to train your brain to not allow anything to disconnect you with source energy.. Your energy! Reacting on a lower level of anger energy truly is the truest waste of your time.


How do you know your in a lower energy? How do you figure this stuff out? It is found in how you feel. Just know that the one that is hurting you, will and does hurt so badly and requires so much LOVE. This anger towards you is much as of nothing to do with you. Its their hurt. DO you have to join in? NOPE!


Have love for everyone? then you are connected to source. You are source its not out there, while there is that too.


Fuss less, unstick yourself.. This is what raising your consciousness is.. This life is for you to Play and as you AWAKEN the less interest to retaliate and react in times of discord.


ITs only from threatening that misbehaviour happens. Punishment is a by product of how bad you feel. It can be mass consciousness feeling.


Love is FEELING.. FEELING guides you and its as good as it gets cause you wont give a rats ass about the crap. Maybe the you that you think is you is a lot of others thoughts..start guiding your own new you.. The you that you want. The you that allows you 100% percent comfort in YOU. Aren't you ready to have fun with anyone who comes to you to have fun? Alignment and FEELING is how life works.


Now the catch is we are all the same.. more alike than separate. Your access is infinite! life continues each day..


INSPIRATION is the mould of creation. You create your world. I am a friend to guide you to know your perfection as you are.. I am not the teacher you require to hang onto. I am a soul friend to tap you on your shoulder to INSPIRE You to create and trust and surrender and be of gratitude!

S o u l C o a c h i n g

with Bernadette Davies


My first session is complementary. We speak via Internet and my sessions are reasonably fit into your world. They run between 1 hour or more. I am here to serve and assist your expansion. I found that it is better to not get fixed on how long it is..I ask you put aside a good hour.

contact me if you are INSPIRED at [email protected]

"Supporting clients to be with themselves"

Posted on 23 June, 2016 at 22:35 Comments comments (0)

"Supporting clients to be with themselves" Bernadette Davies

What I know about addiction is, its an individual that is looking for a painkiller to release pain. Whether it is eating disorder, shopping, relationship addiction, compulsiveness, smoking, drugs, drinking, and all the like. It is a cover up.... to not be with self. Stay with self to uncover the pain= healthy release that heals the hurt, the client or others getting the pain by default by being present with an addictive person.

recovery begins with passionate care, slow down and be with self. Self love and love for all that is and has been..live your life. This is your life. I offer compassionate care. Not for what was so much as what you want your life to be. Who are you? What do you Value? What are you willing to loose to create what you want? How can you truly live in Peace? What practices do you use to keep you spiritually well? Are you willing to Trust, surrender and be of gratitude for what is good. There is always something good in everyones life. Truly. I help clients to see themselves. I see you and you see me. Real stories, real situations and in there lies a pearl. Something where another can feel alike in the story and hopefully there is a will within the client to be inspired towards Peace. Self actualized Peace. There are steps. It is incredible when you raise your conscious awareness to not by into a plan "that you are this" or "that" based on what you believed about yourself. RECREATE! Its okay to take a turn and recreate your life. Sure you will loose some people in your life standing by your side. You may be scared about it. Stay focused, Be around people that support you, find a passion, change your career maybe? refrain from criticizing, controlling and complaining. Trade that in for Gratitude.. the shift begins.

You are far more than you could ever imagine...so imagine that dream life that dream person you wish to be and maybe you have been and are and then times that by the infinite. Pass through the fear, that is where the magic lies. In you!

My approach is not so much with going over the pain. TO not buy into the play you created. I listen to the story once, maybe twice. We go to the moment or moments of fragmentation. The deepest part of extreme pain. Then release that with LOVE and sound and raising the body's energetics. Maybe its a different approach to 12 years of reliving the story and play over and over again until you cannot stand it or yourself and must shift. I prefer the fast track. Maybe it is right for you or someone you love. What I know is you truly need to want to change and be willing to change your behaviours. Doing the same and wanting change is insanity. It wont work.

Come expand together. As you expand so do I and the globe.

S o u l C o a c h i n g with Bernadette Davies

Agape Holistic Retreat

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What is soul coaching and give me ways you do this? This is what I hear from Facebook enquiries.

Posted on 22 June, 2016 at 19:45 Comments comments (0)

Hello global friends! When I soul coach with clients, I am offering you a window into your soul (as you either stand before me or speak

with me via skype). Here is the short answer. I like to work in concrete ways with tools that you learn to use to advance you. We enjoy  a

journey together. From what I have expereinced myself in growth, usually pit falls, I offer the examples to assist you. Here are the major

Tools I use as a soul coach and offer;

1. To share real stories and be real with what is going on in my life and what has gone on. To inspire peace within the stories and ignite a

spark, and the hope that you might agree loosing the idea that there is only one way to achieve.

2. To ask if my client is ready to hear what I might share.

3. To hold my client as the best, wonderful awesome light in the world. And allow that my client ( and myself) might

get rid of what we don't resonate with anymore. We create a storyline ,a play in our lives, and we can leave the story, and switch some or

all parts of this play and go another direction creating a clearer life of alignment, with clear desires coming true in our life. We plan and

master it all the good, bad and ugly. We are not taught this, I teach it. Eeeks then there is no sense blaming, only forgiving ourselves and

asking forgiveness offers peace. Peace.. doesnt that sound nice. Not to be chained to that which we dont desire. It can be done! 

We are soul..not merely a body, but a soul in a body. We are living a human experience. We can bring forward into our experience our

desires. I have a simple system for this and there are many ways to get to it. I use my feeling space to understand your needs, again listen

to your desire..because you are the main and most important focus always. Its all about you. I say a lot of What if questions? you consider

that.. and when you might shift to say YES..I see the spark in  our eyes as you identify with the soul in you that has been forgotten as  you

played out your play. Definition of clarity and cleanliness works. To be clear about desires. Then to be clean in how you approach them,

navigate them and remove that which is not in yourhighest good. This we are not taught as young people.

Work less and enjoy more.. without fighting to work hard.. I enjoy a life of playful expansion! Another thing most are not taught.  I advocate

you contact me..info below. And that you Shine on!

S o u l C o a c h i n g with Bernadette Davies

[email protected] please message me for a complimentary 30 min session to get to know each other.

Living in the now.

Posted on 1 April, 2016 at 17:55 Comments comments (0)

Hello Global Friends

I am inspired by the conversations I have weekly with glorious people, souls that I speak with around this marvelous globe. Today I had a inspirational talk with a lovely women on skype.

 Her eyes sparkled as we shared a bit about each other. I was guided to speak more than her and to allow the space for her to be filled up, with her magnificience! We each have busy lives, chores and responsiblities that fill our life to the brim sometimes. We schedule chats to network and expand and at the day and moment of our chat, we get to this place of meeting and we are sometimes very tired. This was true of my connection today.

 I was not too tired, she was. I realized that I was given the opportunity to listen to my calling to speak. To be authentic and share. To accept to live in the moment, as it appeared. Yes you do this also! I am the inspiration for another to see themselves as I am seen. I see you and you see me. Being authentic and having a open sharing moment with a person you have never met before allows, a space for another to fill up their energy and your energy. To receive yourself, or myself in this case today.

 From the space of sharing we are living in the now. Not sure how the conversation unfolds at the moment. Yet we are trusting, surrendering to the inner voice of our soul, and being of gratitude to watch what unfolds.. Two ladies, one in the states and one currently in Canada. We are becoming friends as we speak, as we are connecting our common strings and familiarity, that brought each to meet. Trust in your life unfolding daily as it is.

 Allow yourself to surrender to the moment. Authentically be of gratitude for what shows up,like I did today. Life is a wonder! How does it get any better than this? Dont answer...let it go as a wish :)

 Bernadette Davies-Founder of Agape Holistic Retreat

 "Put your mind on hold and let your life unfold"