"put your mind on hold, and let your world unfold" ... Bernadette Davies

Agape Holistic Retreat



          At Agape (a-GAH-pay), you will experience transformational holistic therapies such as sound                                               frequency healing, sacred geometry creation, DNA activations,  Spa treatments with Mud, Professional Massage, Pilates, Breath work, and more... Our team is focused on providing a Mind Body Spirit awareness as you raise your personal vibration.  

         These relaxed, non-invasive techniques will guide you in identifying and releasing blocked energy.

Delicious, raw foods will help detoxify your mind, body, and spirit and support a state of deep, inner peace.

              World-renowned facilitators will provide guidance in compassionate self-care, stimulating and 

          awakening the body’s natural healing. Not only will you return home feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, 

and re- energized, you will possess new tools to help you stay that way! Alert us in advance about any specific Health challenges you are experiencing . We want your experience to be simple, relaxed and to benefit from a whole body approach to our retreat.

     "Prepare yourself for a haven of peace and spiritual refreshment taking time to transcend out of everyday reality"- Agape Holistic Retreat, featured in Destination Magazine, 2016

                                         Bernadette Davies and her team invite you to join them at Agape Holistic Retreat to;

   Reconnect with your creativity and the dreams you were born to manifest

 Creating our next Retreat contact us for a Private Retreat!

                                                Explore ideas and actions that express your higher spiritual calling

                                    Develop a healthier self-love so you can share your best self with the world 


                                Renew your capacity for fulfilling relationships and a deeper sense of community


                                Begin a journey towards improved health, energy levels, mental clarity and more

                   Enjoy  healthy raw/warm meals prepared for you daily with drinks- we drink litres of healthy                                                                    restructured water, and allow the gentle release of toxins. 

               Our water is infused with organic lemon and herbs as well we provide purest essential oils 

                                                                          to assist in gentle detox  for our body

                                     Long weekend Thursday to Sunday, Retreats begins Thursday am - Sunday am.                  

                                                All information and Itinerary comes to you with Your Registration.

We do not share the location publicly as this is your  private group  retreat. Your privacy and safety with this information is important to us. We have limited access to cell phone and internet usage, not in use during our days in session, available during breaks


PRIVATE VIP PRE or POST  INTENSIVE  in Retreat with Bernadette Davies 1:1  
   (Pre arranged) 

 Arrive early and expand work  with Bernadette Davies directly to some clients for health issues, or emotional circumstances in their lives where they seemingly cannot move forward;

 1. Transmute the Ids, Beliefs and Discordant energies in your Karmic, Auric and dna from trauma (and partners we were intimate with in this life).  3- 90 min sessions 1500 dollars(us)ask me more

2  Soul Hang Out day together is around 3-4 hours and an Intensive can be 5-6 hours. What will we do together?Go deeper on a soul journey to discover and remove Trauma engaged and locked into your chakras  with Sound Frequency healing and allow you to transcend pain to move into greater desires, more peace, more love more goals without living in the past and having it physically affect you. 
  •  cost $333 /hr 
  •  3 hours- $999   $749  5 hours $1665   $1495

      Private retreats are available where you wish during the summer months of June , July and August, September/and or in a place suggested, with  your partner, family or colleagues or Just you and I . with Bernadette Davies and/or days before the retreat begins.. We can also arrange travel to your Retreat for you with best available pricing.            

                                    Bernadette Davies-  Founder of Agape Holistic Retreat
                            Interviewed by Caren Glasser The "Digital Diva of the Passion Point" ,California USA

A Message from Bernadette Davies

- Creator/ Founder,  Agape Holistic Retreat

I am very excited to introduce to you Agape Holistic Retreat!

At Agape Holistic Retreat, you will experience so much more than staying 

in a gorgeous, private villa with stunning views of the sea, and the tropical 

breeze on your skin. Or like our next Retreat in the Caribbean we will enjoy the energy of one of the most sacred Peruvian Munay Ki energies.

You will experience a sacred heart centred space awash in love, positive vibrations, deeply healing energy that supports your expansion. You will enjoy delicious, detoxifying foods complementing, and supporting your path to awakening. 

My team and I tune in to your soul-needs and desires. Our practices work to alleviate old patterns no longer serving you. We help to create space for new, healthful habits to grow and develop. We guide you to long-lasting benefits that will radiate into all areas of your life as you integrate newfound routines.

You may wonder if you are worthy of walking your truer path? I know that you are. My soul is calling me to share how you can listen to your higher consciousness, to your truth, to your soul that never dies.

I know you are completely worthy and deserving. Joining us at Agape Holistic Retreat enables you to personal clarity and  personal targets. We partner with incredible facilitators and each shares their take on Thriving!

Come join me in a special safe space, away from your regular routine, ideally in the caribbean for warmth and comfort - an inspiring, soul-nourishing experience awaits! Please browse our pages and Photos. We are proud to say Photographs are real authentic Agape Holistic Retreat photographs taken on a Agape retreat! Please click on our video above ! 

Agape Holistic Retreats are TRANSFORMATIVE vacations away.

With Love and Gratitude,